Respect for Young Children

A young child is weak both physically and spiritually, and it is possible that he is offended when someone points out his weakness. Do not forget that he has other qualities which adults lack. A child has an incredible ability to learn. It is difficult for adults to learn new things or to change our behavior. We tend to stubbornly tow the familiar line. But a child has the ability to learn and change. We must express our respect for these talents.
The fact that a child is physically weak means that we do not have to be overly worried. For example, he does not have to finish everything on his plate…
As a child develops, he will grow physically and spiritually. But as a child, he is weak and has yet to over his outer and inner enemies. He has yet to overcome his inclinations and feelings, and control them.
When a child is still weak, we must create rings of protection around him, in order that nothing bothers him. This stage comes before educating him.