I told you to be careful!

When we say to a child: "Be careful not to drop the plate" his hands start to shake and he drops it. We then say: "I knew it would fall. I told you to be careful." The very act of the warning, which displays a lack of confidence in the child, is what causes him to drop the plate.
We should not make the child feel bad or embarrass him for dropping the plate; rather pick up the shards with him. Do not make a big deal of it or say anything which will deepen his feeling of failure. For example, if a young child wants to dress himself, refuses his mother's help, and ends up with two legs in one pant leg, do not call him "Little fool," and do not even laugh and say it sweetly. He already feels weak and that he cannot do it himself.
We must understand that a young child lives in a different world from us. For him, the house is extremely tall and has big structures in it like one which has four pillars called a table. There are some which are smaller called chairs. And there are giants which roam around the house. Therefore, on the contrary, we must fill this small being with pride and a feeling of accomplishment.