I am Founding a Large Movement

[Be-Ahava U-Be-Emuna – Mishpatim 5771 – translated by R. Blumberg]

I am establishing a large movement, a gigantic movement, the largest movement of the Jewish People. The movement will be called, “The Real, Serious, Loyal, Devoted Jewish People.” It will consist of the vast majority of the Jewish People, almost all of it.
Actually, this large movement has been around for a long time already, and it has had enormous accomplishments: the building of the Land, the return to Zion, the establishment of the Jewish State, Israel’s victories in wars, the restoration of Torah to the Land of Israel and the restoration and unification of the Jewish People in Israel.
Actually, the movement has always been around. I’d just like to air it out, in Rashi’s words, “to review some old material.” It’s very important to review these things thousands of times to protect ourselves from those who wish to confuse us by means of various editorials and other newspaper articles, by means of repeated manipulations and lies, until they, so to speak, become the truth. Our own information, by contrast, derives from serious, true surveys, and from these it emerges 100 percent clearly that: the Jewish People are a religious Nation, and they are nationalistic!
Obviously, regarding the term “religious”, we have to adopt a bit of patience and tolerance. There are religious people without Tzitzit and there are religious people without a Kippa. There are even religious people who go to services on Shabbat morning and then drive to the beach. This requires rectification, but on the other hand, the person in question may be good and upright and a performer of kind deeds. That’s religiosity too, isn’t it? You’ve got to realize that this person is wearing an invisible head covering – the sky above our heads. You’ve got to realize that the Jewish People harbor enormous belief deep within their souls, and evince a great deal of religiosity in their deeds.
Yet they’ve been told so many times that they are outside the fold that they’ve begun to believe that canard. The Jewish People are nationalists in the straightforward honest sense of devotion to the Land, the entire Land. Yes! The entire Land! The Nation that dwells in Zion views partitioning of the Land as a destruction and the partition of Jerusalem as the very worst destruction possible. It is not tempted by the enormous fraud that claims that "the settlers are four percent but they trample our hopes for peace, hence they must evacuate their homes."
It is clear to the Jewish People that the Land is not a matter that concerns only the settlers, but the entire Nation. They realize that Israel has not returned to its land just to find a safe haven in some tiny piece of land that will be called “the State of Israel”, but to be born anew and renew its days as of old. They do not believe for a moment in the illusory, fraudulent “peace train” that, so to speak, has set out from the station but is not heading anywhere. It only blares warnings about the Jewish People having to concede its demands to its Land. One need not be right wing to think this way. It’s enough to be a normal Ben-Gurionist.
The People dwelling in Zion are healthy and strong. They are not tired. Rather, they are full of faith. They will not sell out portions of their land or their capital for a mess of pottage or in response to threats. They aren’t even afraid of the atomic threat from Iran, and that itself distances this threat.
By way of comparison, when Hitler, may his name and memory be blotted out, bombed London, the resulting panic caused more deaths than the bombings themselves. When the Londoners overcame their exaggerated fears, life largely returned to normal. Thus, our own people, who are fashioned of a fearless cloth, are right. Have you any idea how many deaths, G-d forbid, could result from an atomic blast falling in the most crowded part of our country, our holy city Tel Aviv? Half a million? A hundred thousand? Fifty thousand? None of the above.
According to expert opinion, even the sort of atom bomb that Iran is preparing, if it fell in the most crowded area of our country, the holy city of Tel-Aviv, with proper preparation by the home command, would cause less than ten thousand dead. Obviously, even ten thousand is a lot, and even one thousand, and even a hundred and even ten and even one, but it does not mean the destruction of the city or the country, and it does not constitute an existential threat.
This being the case, why were over 100,000 people killed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
For several reasons:
1. The greatest cause of damage was the shock of the blast, because of the simple wood construction of most homes. In our case, however, there are bomb shelters, sealed rooms and strong construction.
2. Fires spread out of control due to the construction using inflammable materials. In our case, homes are made of cement.
3. People drank the radioactive water that fell from the clouds after absorbing radioactive fallout.
4. The air-raid sirens were not sounded and people continued to circulate. We have sophisticated air-raid sirens (the fly-time from Iran to here for an approaching bomb is more than ten minutes).
And what about the people who died of radiation in Japan during subsequent years? It was 1,200 people.
All of the preceding assumes that we will not succeed in activating our “Iron Dome” anti-missile system. In any event, we should not go into a panic and we should not collapse for fear of such levels of death, and we won’t do it. Hence, it already is not worth it for the enemy to send a bomb that will result in a harsh counter attack. Everyone knows that we’ve got an arsenal of several hundred Jericho missiles with atomic warheads….
How fortunate we are! We are a heroic people, a people of belief and trust in G-d, a people that loves its entire land. We are not a frightened people, cowering in a bomb shelter, but a people that has been redeemed. Our people does not always know what is happening in Judea and Samaria, but when they find out, they don’t relate to it as the individual problem of a handful of settlers, but as a matter of national strength, national health and national honor. They certainly will not abandon Jerusalem our capital.
As for those brethren lacking national and moral responsibility, trapped in their fears and ready to for all sorts of concessions, that minuscule minority that comes out with headlines about two states for two peoples, they are not where the gigantic Jewish People are. The Jewish People will never accept such suggestions. The Jewish People are Zionists!
The Haredim as well are Zionists, in their own way. After all, they live here and build here. Our great Nation sees that it is living here with enormous miracles – not bizarre miracles that break the laws of nature, but miracles in harmony with nature. The Jewish People harbor great faith. We saw this in Operations Cast Lead, and many other times. Our people all believe that they have been born anew, that they have been recreated as in days of old. They are full of vitality and strength. They believe that they are moving forward and not backwards, and their belief is the secret of their enduring.