Parashat Vaera: How Minute are you Acts, Hashem!

[From Rav Aviner's Commentary on the Pesach Haggadah]

"The sorcerers said to Pharaoh: It is the finger of G-d" (Shemot 8:15). We find the word "finger" three times in the Tanach: 1. In relation to the stars representing enormity, "When I see your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You made" (Tehillim 8:4). 2. In relation to the tablets of the Ten Commandments which represent spiritual heights, "Inscribed by the finger of G-d" (Shemot 31:18). 3. In relation to the lice which represent minutia. This is to teach you that everything is one and equal within Hashem's ability (Rabbi Sa'adia Gaon, Torah Sheleimah, Shemot 8:50 with note). Our revered teacher Rav Kook, wrote: ""Along with 'How great are Your acts, Hashem' (Tehillim 104:24 and prayer "Yotzer Or" in the morning prayer), it is proper to say with great astonishment 'How very tiny are Your acts, Hashem.' This means that just as we are full of wonder at the greatness of the luminaries, wide expanses of the heavens, and the mighty powers of nature, we are also amazed by our observation of the depth of creation in its minutia, in the smallest details of the limbs of animals, and the fineness of materials and the precision of the powers in the farthest places." Similarly, the most abstract, supreme thoughts are together with the details of the halachot and precision of hair-splitting argumentation (Orot Ha-Torah 3, 8).