Educating during Infancy

The age of infancy is not the place for punishments or speeches, which do not help at all. There is no "direct" educating of a child during this period. Direct instruction lacks any meaning. Even the best behavior of an infant does not flow from his understanding to do good, but from imitation.
Education begins at the age of 5-6. A child is not capable of understanding that the Master of the Universe brings forth bread from the earth, and one should therefore bless Him. Nor does he understand the context of the words, but is imitating his parents. This also possess great value in helping him to acquire proper habits, so that when he grows up there will be no need to exert great effort in order to instill good habits. Nonetheless, this is not education. Therefore, do not laugh at him when he imitates his father or mother. In general, one should not laugh at anyone, especially a little child. One must be very particular about another person’s honor, besides the fact that the imitation is building another level in the child’s development. It is healthy behavior in a pleasant way.