Don't Sell our Land to a Foreign People!

[Be-Ahavah U-Be-Emunah – Vayechi 5771]

Why did I add my humble signature to the Rabbinic petition against selling houses and apartments, lands and fields, to the Arabs?
The answer is so simple. The vision of the Jewish state. We have returned here after 2000 years of exile, in order to establish a Jewish state.
True, it is permissible for non-Jews to live there, and one has to treat the non-Jew who lives in the land with integrity and respect. Yet strengthening the foothold of the Arabs in the Land demonstrates a lack of national responsibility, for they are presently 25% of the entire population, and a large scale Jewish majority has to be preserved.
It is no secret that the Arabs want to annex our country for themselves and banish us from our Land, and they are doing this in every possible way: 1. By way of bloody wars which result in our country being full of widows and orphans and bereaved parents. 2. Unrelenting terror which likewise exacts from us a price in blood. 3. Recently, since the Carmel tragedy, a call has gone forth from the Arabs to commit a lot of arson in Israel, and indeed, there have been 15 attempts at arson since then. 4. Unrelenting land purchases by the Arabs throughout our country on a gigantic scale, in Yafo, Haifa, Acco, the Galil, and recently, an attempt to buy the Nof Tzion neighborhood in Jerusalem. In our world there are enormously wealthy Arabs who are ready to budget millions towards this end, and indeed, the Jews, lacking national responsibility, who are tempted by the money.
When I was a boy, a member of Bnei Akiva, I, together with my friends in the
movement, was asked to go, night and day, house to house, to distribute the blue boxes of the Jewish National Fund, whose goal was the redemption of the Land of Israel from the Arabs.
And now, shall we do the opposite?!
This is not just an isolated Jewish legal prohibition against "giving them a foothold" in the Land (Devarim 7:2). Two years ago, the greatest Charedi rabbis publicize their opinion on this. After all, the illustrious Rabbi Yitzchak Herzog, in his halachic responsa on the relationship to non-Jews in the Land, even before the State's establishment (Techumin, vol. 1), declared that we have to distinguish between isolated sales and the danger of being driven out of the Land, in response to which the State must establish clear boundaries regarding sales to the Arabs.
Some ask: What would happen if the non-Jews in America refused to rent or sell homes to Jews in America? This is foolish demagoguery. Everybody knows that the Jews of America are faithful citizen. They're not trying to establish a Jewish country in America. They are not engaged in terror there, and they are not forging any covenant with America's enemies.
Others ask: Does the tension not smack of racism? This too is foolish demagoguery. Racism is a biological outlook that distinguishes between a superior race and an inferior race, with the superior one having the right to control and take advantage of the inferior one. Yet the Jewish people includes within it dozens of races, perhaps the greatest number of races of any people in the world, all the races of Europe, most of the races of Asia, Africa and America. There is only a desire by the Jewish people that the country should remain Jewish, just as the American people want their country to remain American.
Moreover, every honest person in the world has to admit that we bend over backwards for the Arabs of our country. This has no precedent in any other country, and we do it not because we are forced to, but based on a moral ideal. Yet there is nothing, not even the best things, that isn't harmed by extremism, and we cannot allow our goodwill to lead to national suicide. Having a Jewish democratic state does not mean that the democracy has to commit suicide in order to prove its vitality.
For 2000 years we dreamt about a Jewish state, and, thank G-d, this vision is presently being fulfilled before our eyes. We must continue to strengthen ourselves for its sake.