While nursing and dependence are pleasant, it comes time to wean from the nursing in a physical way and from the dependence in an emotional way. The weaning must obviously be in stages.
There are parents who are not interested in weaning their child. The child grows but is still a baby. When he informs his parents that he is getting married, the parents are insulted: "How can our child abandon us in order to go with a stranger? Why did we raise him – in order to stay with us until old age! Most of time, no such thing is said, but a feeling is created that the child's marriage is a transgression against the parents.
Weaning a baby is therefore very important and, as we said, it should be done gradually. The child needs to feel that his parents are happy with him and he was not born by some mistake.
Weaning in no way nullifies the love, which is essential at all ages.