Shut SMS #88

Ha-Rav answers hundreds of text message questions a week. Some appear in the parashah sheets "Ma'ayanei Ha-Yeshu'ah" and "Olam Ha-Katan." Here's a sample:
Rabbi who Foretells the Future
Q: People say that a certain Rabbi knows everything about you. Is it permissible to visit him to learn what will happen in the future?
A: Certainly not. "You shall be wholesome with Hashem, your
G-d" (Devarim 18:13).

Mock Wedding
Q: A boy said to a girl: "You are betrothed to me…" (Harei At Mekudeshet Li…) and gave her an object. What is the law?
A: It is possible that she is betrothed. Turn to a Beit Din.

Music for a Mourner
Q: When a family is traveling in a car, and one of them is a mourner, is it permissible to listen to music?
A: Yes, the other members of the family are not mourners. Even if the mourner hears the music, he should not actively listen to it (Pesachim 25).

Tevilat Kelim
Q: Do we immerse a glass platter if we do not whether it was produce by Jews or non-Jews?
A: It should by immersed without a blessing.

Havdalah Candle
Q: Is it true that a Havdalah candle is Treif and it is forbidden to extinguish it in the wine?
A: Today, the candles are made of synthetic, non-Treif material.

Happy with One's Lot
Q: How is it possible to be happy with one's lot when it is relatively small to what other's have?
A: If this is what Hashem gave, it is a sign that it is exactly what one needs.

Shaking Hands with a Man
Q: If a man puts out his hand to shake mine in public, can I shake his hand so he is not embarrassed?
A: No, just as if a man asks you to eat treif which he cooked, or to help him violate Shabbat. or even publicly proposes marriage and if you refuse, he will be embarrassed.

Picture of Rabbis
Q: Do pictures of Rabbis require being placed in a Geniza?
A: No, but it is a good thing to do.

Q: My wife is very modest, too much so in my opinion. I want her to fancy herself up and to wear a tight skirt, which is the shortest allowed, like other religious women I see. Am I normal?
A: You are certainly normal. Every person has an evil inclination. But you need to overcome it and add purity. Read a lot of Mesilat Yesharim.