Kitzur Tefilat Amecha #20

[adapted for middle-schoolers by Rabbi Shmuel Jablon from Rav Aviner's three-volume commentary on the siddur "Tefilat Amecha"]

We end Baruch She-Amar with a blessing in which we describe Hashem has Ha-Kel, Av Ha-Rachaman- the powerful G-d, merciful father. This has 3 parts.
Hashem is the all powerful G-d. He can do everything and has power over everything and anything. He can make us cease to exist. He can make the world cease to exist. So you might think Hashem doesn't care about human beings. But He does. He is the Father and he is deeply involved with His world.
So you might think Hashem may care about the whole human race, but he doesn't care about us as individuals. But this also isn't so. He is the merciful Father. He cares about each and every human being. Once we now understand that Hashem is all at once all powerful, our Father, and merciful, we are ready to say Psukei De-Zimra - verses or praise to Him.