Do not get angry

From the moment that a baby is born, we must express love to him, the same applies when he is older. We must show him great love, physical and non-physical, loving words and presents, all age appropriate. This is not always easy. For example, sometimes a baby cries, and all attempts to avert his attention or pacify him fail. In such a case, there is a concern that the parents will lose patience, yell and be angry with him, threaten and sometimes even hit him, even though by doing so, he will certainly continue to cry.
When a baby cries, one should never response with anger. Anger destroys him and breaks his character. It serves no educational benefit. If he cries, he should be calmed. In general, it is forbidden to punish a young child and forbidden to get angry with him.
This obviously does not mean that the baby should cause chaos in the house. He does not control the parents' life. The parents establish the norms, but without anger or an anger face. Even withheld anger damages. The child senses it even if the parent smiles. He feels that the parents relates to him as a burden, a nudnik, causes sleepless nights, takes away his rest, makes noise, crying endlessly, and is a yoke on his parents.
While this may be true to some extent, but if a parent expresses this through speech, facial expression or in his heart, it destroys the baby. He is certainly a burden, but a very pleasant burden. This is the general principle: The education of the parent precedes the education of the children.