A baby develops with a dependence towards his mother. At this age, it is positive. As one matures, it is negative. An adult should not be a burden on another. He must be independent. Even a marital relationship should be one of mutuality. Otherwise, it is unhealthy. But a baby's dependence is healthy. He feels like a part of his mother. In the womb, he literally was a part of her, but even after his birth, he is still dependent of her, and feels a part of his mother's existence. He overcomes nightmares, the dark and loneliness when he is held in his mother's arms. The pleasure is being in his mother's arms is indescribable.
The mother must also education herself that this dependence should also be pleasant for her and not a burden. The dependence is obviously a huge responsibility - the baby cries, is up all night, etc. – but often times she is the only one who can help, and this feeling should provide her with tremendous pleasure.