Coping with Expulsion

Question: How can we cope if there is an expulsion from Yehudah and Shomron?
a. It is forbidden to speaking about it. The very discussion about such ideas is unhealthy. It once happened in Russia that Stalin said in the Kremlin: I am suggesting two new laws: 1. To kill all of the red-heads. 2. To kill all of the Jews. They said to him: Why should we kill all the red-heads?! What did they do? We understand that there was no dispute regarding killing the Jews. The same applies here: What are we going to do if there is an expulsion? The entire discussion is what are we going to do if…, but the discussion needs to be how do we prevent an expulsion in the first place. This is the question. Discussing what we will do if... accustoms people to the idea that there can be an expulsion, and there is the small matter of how we will cope with it.
b. What caused the expulsion from Gush Katif? It is quite simple: The Nation wanted it. The majority of the Nation wanted it. It is not only because of Arik Sharon or the media or the courts. The majority of the Nation wanted it. And if was the majority of the Nation, no one t could do anything to change it. The Nation said: We do not understand. There are two million Arabs and 8000 Jews. Free us from two million Arabs and it will be a little difficult for 8000 Jews. We'll try to help them. We don't want another two million Arabs. Let's at least free ourselves from them. This is what the Nation thought. And these were the Zionists who thought from a demographic, political, democratic and military perspective, this would be good. They were wrong. It happens that the Nation sometimes errs. Since the return to Zion, on the whole we have not erred, but sometimes we do. There is no completely righteous Nation who does good and does not sin (based on Kohelet 7:20). It was a major mistake. Many people who supported the expulsion now admit that it was a mistake. Nonetheless, the key is the Nation. The one who decides here is the Nation. We must therefore convince the Nation. It does not matter who the Prime Minister is, he does want the Nation wants. Everything that happens here is because of the Nation. The Return to Zion was done by the Nation. Building the Land – the Nation. Establishing the State – the Nation. The War of Independence the Nation. The Six Day War – the Nation. The Yom Kippur War – the Nation. Building the economy – the Nation. Returning the Torah to the Land of Israel - – the Nation. The Nation is the boss here. We must therefore convince the Nation. Each of us must convince a small part of the Nation. A five year old girl asked: How can I convince the Nation? Convince a five year old girl. It is possible to convince others. Herzl once said: We need to establish a State. They said: He is completely crazy. But they convinced, convinced, convinced… until we established a State.