Shut SMS #82

Ha-Rav Aviner answers hundreds of text message questions a week. Some appear in the parashah sheets "Ma'ayanei Ha-Yeshu'ah" and "Olam Ha-Katan." Here's a sample:
Selling Alcohol
Q: Is it permissible for me to sell alcohol to Arabs, since it is forbidden for them to drink it according to their religion (Islam)?
A: It is permissible, since it is permissible according to the Seven Mitzvot of Bnei Noach. There is therefore no problem of placing a stumbling block before the blind.

Passion in Serving of Hashem
Q: I generally have passion in serving Hashem. What do I do when I do not?
A: It is a test from Hashem to serve Him for the sake of serving Him. See Musar Avicha of Maran Ha-Rav Kook.

Immersing a Pot
Q: I bought a pot produced by non-Jews but had to screw on the handle. Does it require immersion in a Mikveh?
A: No, this is considered assembly by a Jew.

Earthquake Insurance
Q: Is purchasing earthquake insurance for a building a lack of faith in Hashem?
A: No, it is acting properly. See Igrot Moshe (Orach Chaim 2:111). Yechaveh Da'at (3:85).

Q: I found money. Do I have to give Maaser?
A: Yes, as on all money.

Q: Is it permissible to go to the circus?
A: No. It is "Moshav Leitzim" (frivolity) and immodest (Avodah Zarah 18b).

Q: My daughter does not want to get up for davening on Shabbat morning but wants to sleep until lunch. Should I wake her?
A: You will not solve it by force.

Q: The law is that only a four-cornered garment requires Tzitzit. Why then do we especially wear Tzitzit?
A: They are the uniform of the Nation of Israel.

Hidur Mitzvah
Q: Is it preferable to buy a higher-quality Four Species or buy a regular set and give the additional money to Tzedakah?
A: Give the money to tzedakah. It is of greater importance (Ha-Rav Avraham Shapira in Rosh Devarcha, p. 194).

Milchig and Flieshchig Garbage Cans
Q: Is it permissible to throw milchig and fleishchig leftovers in the same garbage can or does one need separate ones?
A: It is forbidden to throw them in if they are boiling hot since it would be considered cooking meat and milk together (Chullin 115b. See, however, Mi-Penini Ha-Rav p. 152).

Temple Mount
Q: Should one tear his clothing when seeing the spot where the Temple stood?
A: No, since it is under our sovereignty (Tal Chermon – Moadim, p. 218).

"Price Tag"
Q: Should we punish Arabs for the trouble the Army does to the Settlers?
A: It is forbidden to punish an Arab for a transgression he did not commit. Furthermore, punishment must be meted out by the Nation and not an individual. It is therefore forbidden, and also causes damage.