I Did Wrong

I wronged my baby. I got angry with him. "Enough," I yelled, but I was wrong. I felt horrible. I was simply tired and frustrated. I know it is forbidden to become angry with a baby. And even a child. It has no benefit. But at least if I was right, I could have justified myself that I did it for his own good. But in this case, I was to blame. I simply acted improperly.
It is easy to wrong a baby or little child. He does not respond. You are always in an authoritative position. Furthermore, he respects you, considers you an angel, and even considers you G-d. He therefore always thinks he is to blame and that you are right. It is very comforting.
But this time, my baby did not take it. He looked at me with a look of betrayal and burst out with an angry cry. He had a feeling of being right.
Maybe I imagined it. Nonetheless, I hugged him, kissed him and said to him: "I am sorry. I love you. I was tired. I always love you." I do not know if he understood every word, but a smile appeared on his face.