A Child and the Inclination

Question: I heard that a baby has an evil inclination and not a good inclination, and that when s/he becomes bat/bar mitzvah the good inclination appears. Why?
Answer: First of all, a baby is defined by our Rabbi as one who has no sin. And, in fact, according to the Torah a child is not punished for his bad acts. He certainly does many stupid things, but they are not considered sin, since a sin is the result of intellect and an ethical decision. A young child is trapped by temptations and feelings. He is therefore not responsible for his actions. He is led by the evil inclination, i.e. different needs, temptations, desires, which come to satisfy him, but they are not considered sin. And little-by-little, we are obligated to educate him towards good and proper goals, to refine his desires and to overcome his evil inclination.
We need love and patience.