Which is more precious?

A man's wife would make challah for Shabbat, but on account of the large size of their family, he had to buy extra challah from the bakery so that there was enough. The challah from the bakery was tastier than his wife's homemade challah. He was in doubt on which challah to make the blessing. On the one hand, the Halachah states that one should recite the blessing on the more precious challah. On the other hand, perhaps he should recite the blessing on his wife's challah in order to honor her. He asked his Rabbi, who answered: "Beloved is man, for he was created in G-d's image" (Avot 3:14), and all the more so your wife is more beloved to you than any person, and her challah is therefore more precious.
Another question: A man was in doubt whether to recite the blessing over his wife's Challah or his mother's challah. His Rabbi said to him: Your question is not phrased correctly. From the time you were married, you and your wife are one person. The correct phrasing is therefore: You and your wife have a question as to how to honor your mother. The Torah says: "And they become one flesh" (Bereshit 2:24), and obviously one spirit and one soul. Figure it out together and your will find a solution. Perhaps recite the blessing on both.