You are Fat

Question: My husband claims that I am fat and pressures me to go on a diet. I also want to be thin but I cannot stay on any diet. As difficult as I am on myself, my husband is even harder on me.
Answer: The fact that you want to be thin is good but your husband demanding it is improper. He needs to love you whether you are heavy or thin. Heavy or thin has no importance, it is vanity. The essence of a person is his soul, his good deeds and his proper character traits. Perhaps your husband forgot about this, and so you need to remind him. Sometimes people forget the most basic things, and we must therefore repeat them over and over again.
After all, it is not that you are the most beautiful woman in the world and he therefore loves you, but on the contrary, he loves you and you are therefore the most beautiful woman in the world.
If you want to be thin, perhaps turn to O.A. – Overeaters Anonymous, which will give you support and the best way to achieve your goal.