Kitzur Tefilat Amecha #3

[adapted by Rabbi Shmuel Jablon from Rav Aviner's three-volume commentary on the siddur "Tefilat Amecha"]

The Birkat Ha-Torah, along with Birkat Ha-Mazon, are mitzvot from the Torah. In Halachah this means that they are the only blessings which if we are not sure we said we go back and say them just to be sure. In the first part of this blessing we bless Hashem who has commanded us to "busy ourselves with the words of Torah." This means that our primary job is being involved with Torah and we need mind, body and soul to do it. It’s what we do to live. So here we have a very important lesson. No matter what we do during the day, our primary job as a Jew is to learn Torah.