An Easily-Angered Wife

Question: My wife is easily angered. She explodes about even the littlest thing. At first, I was extremely frustrated until a found a solution from Socrates. He had an evil wife, Xanthippe, who would curse him in front of his students and she would flip over his desk. He would calmly respond: This is exactly how a rooster behaves.
Answer: You found a horrible solution, a solution of a swelled, male dominance. I suggest to you the solution of a great Sage of the Gemara: Rabbi Chiya (Yevamot 63a), whose wife use to cause him much distress.. hen he would find something that she would like, he would buy it and bring it for her. Rav asked: Why do you do this? She pains you! (Rav wanted to learn how R. Chiya was able to return good in place of evil). Rabbi Chiya answered: “It suffices for us that our wives raise our children and save us from sin.” You are obviously not as great as Rabbi Chiya, but your wife certainly does much more for you. Open your eyes wide and look. You owe her a great debt of gratitude. You must therefore greatly value her, thank her day and night and lovingly ignore her minor deficiency of anger, which is cancelled by the majority of her good character.