Song of Praise for the Reservist's Wife

This is a song of praise for you, wife of a reservist. Your husband also deserves a song of praise, since so few serve in the reserves, and your husband is willing to miss work, crawl in the thorns and mud and eat straw. He is truly a hero, but so many songs have already been written about the reservist.
This song is therefore for you. Please know, he is there in your merit. If you expressed any negativity, he would not go, he would stay at home. Although it is difficult for him in the reserves, it is much harder for you. You are alone with the kids, who are as hard to care for as an entire unit, and your unit includes a crying baby, a child running around getting into all sorts of things, a young girl going through all sorts of crises. You fall onto your bed late at night, and suddenly feel lonely and you immediately fall asleep from exhaustion. But this is not always the case, because you worry about your husband. He is not worried, since there is no time to worry or think on the front line during the fire of battle. But your thoughts do not allow you to rest, you therefore cannot fall asleep. It is sometimes more difficult on the home front than the front line.
Yasher Koach, heroine of Israel, the courageous reservist's wife, a heroine day after day, hour after hour.