The Israeli Navy Operation against the Flotilla

[Talk in the Yeshiva during lunch]

We are fortunate to have merited being a free Nation in our Land. We are fortunate to have an army that does not allow our enemies to abuse us. The period has ended when we were a sheep among seventy wolves and we needed to be saved by a miracle. Now, with the kindness of Hashem on us, we protect ourselves. We are the ones in control here, even over the Gaza Strip. We give them autonomy because we want to do so. And we decide who is allowed to enter. When we do not want someone to enter, he cannot. It was justifiable that we did not allow the people on the flotilla to enter, since if they really wanted to bring supplies to the Arabs in Gaza, they could have given it to us and we would have passed it to them. In any event, the claim that they do not have food is a lie. Tons of supplies are passed along to them every day. I believe that the two largest areas of Israeli exports are Europe and Gaza, since Gaza only receives supplies from us. The fact that there are starving and miserable people in the Gaza Strip is that the rich take all of the supplies and do not leave anything for the poor.
Perhaps you will say, what do we care if they come with supplies? Let them bring it. No, this is the honor of the Nation. King David sent soldiers to console Chanun, King of Amon, over the death of his father and they were attacked. They shaved off half of the soldiers' beards and tore off half of their clothes, and King David went to wage over it (Shmuel 2 10). This is a reason to go to war? Yes, mostly definitely. One goes to war for the Nation's honor and one responds with force. The enemy is then afraid and deterred.
Regarding the ship, we also deterred them, since instead of firing a missile from far away, we went onto the ship without fear. There are obviously difficulties when done in this way but we showed them that we are not afraid of anything.

And now the Nation is united. And Turkey (who sent the ship) deserved a big "Yashar Koach!" for strengthening the unity within the Nation of Israel!