Question: I understand that marriage is about compromise, out of agreement and love. But I sometimes have to compromise on ideals which are important to me. Is marriage preferable to ideals?
Answer: It obviously depends which ideals we are discussing. You obviously cannot murder on account of your wife's love. But in principle, there are situations in which marriage overrides other important things. This is true not only for marriage, but in many areas of life where there is a conflict of values, and one must choose between them.
The Gemara is full of such ethical dilemmas, which are often quite complex, and it teaches us how to make such decisions.
Marriage is one of the most essential aspects of life and we make many compromises for its sake. For example, we sell a Sefer Torah in order to ensure the marriage of an orphan. And it is permissible to temporarily leave Eretz Yisrael in order to find a spouse.
Marriage is a blessing which provides a person with so much joy, purity, ethics, children, etc., and for its sake it is certainly worthwhile to make many compromises!