It's Not Funny

My dear friend, do not make jokes at your wife's expense. We love jokes, obviously in a limited manner, but not at someone's expense, and certainly not at your wife's expense, and all the more so not in public.
Yesterday you said in front of everyone: I have already suffered from my wife for ten years! Even she laughed, but realize that deep down she was hurt. Here is an idea: Since you love to make other's laugh, say: My wife has already suffered from me for ten years.
It is even possible to make a positive joke: I feel for ten years to have merited joy like the King of England. Or: I hope that I succeed in making her as happy as the Queen of England. – What am I saying?! More than the royalty of England.
Baruch Hashem, the gates of humor and creativity are not locked, and it is possible to make jokes NOT at your wife's expense. On the contrary, make her happy with your jokes.