We have Disagreements

I have many disagreements with my wife. It seems to be unpreventable. People have different appearances, different opinions, different feelings, different desires. This sometimes causes much tension. When this occurs, we sit facing one another, and hold hands, i.e. her left hand in my right hand and her right hand in my left hand. We look at each other in the eyes, and we smile. It is so sweet. This alone makes it worthwhile.
And then we talk, taking turns. We hold hands the entire time, and when we switch turns, we stop for a few moments and smile at each other. We go back and forth until we have solved the problem. To this day, we have always found a solution. We do not wait until it grows into a huge issue, but deal with it immediately. I ask forgiveness from the psychologists and marriage counselors who we have never needed. I am certain that they are happy. I promise that this method works. Just try.