Herzl and Zionism

Q: It is known that Ha-Rav Tzvi Yehudah Kook hung a picture of Herzl in his home. But I have heard that Herzl wrote horrible things about Judaism in his diary. How do these two things go together? And if Herzl and Secular Zionist are so opposed to Judaism, why are we called “Religious-Zionists”?
A: There are two questions here: on Herzl and on Zionism. Regarding Herzl, one must be extremely careful about spreading lies. All the negative things written about Herzl are incorrect and half-quotes. See the new book "Herzl: A New Reading" by Dr. Yitzchak Weiss which discusses all of these issues. One can find the true Herzl there.
Regarding, Zionism, it is not the creation of Herzl, it is the creation of the Master of the Universe. The definition of Zionism is the return to Zion, the building of our Land and the revival of our Nation in our Land. The entire Torah, all of the prophets and all of our Sages clearly state this idea. Zionism was true before Herzl and after Herzl, and even without Herzl, and although he was not religious, he awakened this idea. This can be compared to secular Jews encouraging performance of a kindness. Just because people who were not religious encouraged this idea, we would not perform the kindness?!
Nevertheless, the fact that people defame Herzl regarding Zionism is a good sign, since there is no connection between the two things. When people make claims having nothing to do with the issue, it is a sign that they have nothing to say about the issue itself. We must therefore certainly join in the revival and unification of our Nation in our Land.