In my youth, I had a good friend and I told him all of my secrets. I really liked him. But one day, he told all of my secrets to other people and since then I hated him. He then felt sorry and apologized, but it was too late. I now tell all of my secrets to my wife, and she doesn't tell anyone. She doesn't tell her sister who she loves a lot, and she does not tell her parents who she greatly respects. She also tells me secrets. These secrets are very sweet and they bind us together. We know that this is a place that only the two of us meet and no one else is a part of it. I did not say that I tell her everything that happens to me. I have learned what interests her and what is a burden to her. I obviously do not reveal the secrets of the Mossad or the Shabak. I also do not tell her the secrets that my co-workers tell me. I am talking about all sorts of feelings and wants that I would be embarrassed to tell others, not because they are evil things but because they are personal. It is truly pleasant to have a wife of secrets.