Kosher medicine

Q: Do medicinal pills require kosher certification during the year and for Pesach?
A: As a general rule: all medicines which lacks taste are kosher since they are not food, and they are also kosher for Pesach. And we even turn medicine which has taste into medicine which lacks taste. How? We wrap the pill in a thin piece of paper. There are authorities who even permit medicine with taste since the ingredients which give the taste are kosher or not chametz. The non-kosher and chametz ingredients lack taste and kosher ingredients with taste are added. This is the opinion of Ha-Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach in the book "Halichot Shlomo" (4:6 and in notes). As a result, almost all medicines are kosher and almost all medicines are kosher for Pesach. There are organizations which publish catalogues with long lists of which medicines are kosher for Pesach as a kindness for people, since they could sum it up in one sentence: 99% of medicines lack taste and are kosher. People are concerned, however, so they publish long lists.