A New Woman

I heard that it is written in the Torah that when one gets married his wife is defined as a "new woman" and the husband therefore does not go to the army during the first year in order to make her happy (Dev. 24:2) and in order that they can become accustomed to one another (Torah Temimah). I however did go to the army, the reserves and war. They did not exempt me. And even if they would have exempted me, I would have gone because how could my friends go to war while I sit at home?! But after many years of marriage I still feel like a have a "new woman", and I find out new things about her every day: her emotions, thoughts, desires, and even her imagination. It appears that every person is like that but they do not interest me, only she is important to me. It is interesting that that these things seem new, as they were always before my eyes. But it seems that I never paid attention. It seems that I looked at them but did not see, I heard but did not listen. I suddenly realize. Thank you, you are new to me each day.