Feeling a connection to Hashem

Q: How do we feel a connection to Hashem?
A: It is obviously impossible to connect to Hashem in the simple sense. Furthermore, the desire to gain benefit from servicing Hashem is a lack of understanding of what it means to cleave to Hashem. The question of why one does not feel a benefit in servicing Hashem is similar to the story of a mother saying to her son: Eat, so you can grow and become strong. The child eats and stands in front of the mirror in order to see himself growing. After some time, he comes to his mom with the claim that he does not see himself growing. In the physical realm, we can receive immediate benefit – like from eating, touching, seeing, or hearing. But this is not true in the spiritual realm. This area is very large and it is difficult to see where building occurs, stage after stage, level after level of cleaving and becoming close to Hashem.