"And he will rule over you" (Ber. 3:16) - Part 1

Question: Why isn't there equality in a family according to the Torah? Why should my husband rule over me?
Answer: This is a curse, not the ideal situation. This curse appears after Adam and Chavah sinned, on the advice of the snake, which is the evil inclination. Before this point, the Torah does not say that Adam ruled over his wife, rather he called her: "The bone of my bones" and "the flesh of my flesh" (Bereshit 2:23). This means that a couple is one soul with two bodies. There is therefore nothing inherent about ruling or being ruled over. But the sin mixed up this state. Adam and Chavah followed after the evil inclination and as a result their inner unity was destroyed. The man, the stronger of the two, is thus able to rule over his wife. But this is certainly not Hashem’s intention or will. This is a curse, but there is no curse which is beyond remedy. This is the challenge.