A Non-Angel Married to a Non-Angel

My dear friend, you are good and your wife is good. Or, if you prefer, you are not completely good and neither is your wife. You both therefore forgive each other. You are not perfect and neither is she, you are therefore a perfect match from heaven. When you demand that she be perfect and focus on her deficiencies, and also demand that she understand that you are not perfect – you are mistaken. Finding deficiencies in another is simple. It does not require intelligence, talent, love, or effort. But this was not the reason you married. If you forgive her with all of your heart for her mistakes and ask her to do the same for you – you have understood marriage and you will be happy. If you expected to marry an angel, you were mistaken, such a thing does not exist. If it did exist, she would not have married you, since you are not an angel. A perfect match from heaven: a non-angel married to a non-angel.