Trying perfume in a store

Q: Is it permissible to put on perfume in a store if you know that you are not going to buy there?
A: It is certainly stealing. They allow people to try a little of the perfume to check whether they are interested in buying it. If you know that you will not buy it, they do not grant you permission. Furthermore, if one enters a store and takes interest in item but does not want to buy it, he violates "genivat da'at" (deception), since the salesperson has false hopes that you will buy it. It is permissible, however, if the salesperson insists that you try the perfume. There are often people in the supermarket offering tastes of food or drinks. If someone offers and you say: "I am not interested. I am not going to buy it," and they say: "Try it anyway," there is no problem since they hope you will like it. It is, however, forbidden if it is on your initiative but you do not plan to buy it.