Speaking Lashon Ha-Ra about yourself

Q: Is it permissible to speak Lashon Ha-Ra about yourself?
A: There is a story about the Chafetz Chaim traveling on a train, and someone who did not recognize him, began to say all sorts of praises about him. The Chafetz Chaim said: He is not so great. The person was so upset about this offense to a Torah scholar that he yelled at him and slapped him in the face. We learn from here that a person should not speak Lashon Ha-Ra about himself. Nonetheless, the basic law is that a person may speak Lashon Ha-Ra about himself. There is, however, another issue. The Gemara in Berachot says (34b): One who publicizes his sins is brazen. A person need not relate his sins. A person should be ashamed about them. By relating them, he is shaming the Master of the Universe. But it is permissible if the goal is to say that one erred or stumbled in this or that regard and was able to overcome it.