Shir Ha-Ma'alot #33

On the Sheva Berachot – "Let the barren city be jubilantly happy"

Just as there is a bond of marriage between a man and wife, this relationship also exists between the Master of the Universe and the Community of Israel. According to Rashi's commentary, the entire book of Shir Ha-Shirim is an allegory based on this idea, and it describes the great love story between Hashem and His Nation, love that is not dependent on anything from both sides. When we sin against Hashem, He continues His bond with us; and as we are required to sacrifice our lives for Hashem's Name, we remain faithful to the Master of the Universe. The groom and bride bind their individual joy with the great hope of the Nation of Israel: "Let the barren city be jubilantly happy" as it says: "If I do not elevate Jerusalem above my chief joy" (Tehillim 137:6). Rabbi David Abudraham wrote: "This blessing was established relating to the rejoicing of the future Jerusalem, which is compared to the joining of a groom and bride, as it says: ‘As the groom rejoices over the bride, so shall God rejoice over you’" (Yeshayahu 62:5). We are fortunate that we have merited that in our days the love is coming with the return to Zion, the building of the Land, the establishment of the State and the return of the Torah of holiness to the Holy Land.