Go to a Marriage Counselor

Question: My husband refuses to come with me to a marriage counselor. He claims that he does not have a problem; but that I do and I should go alone. And even when he admits that he has a problem, he claims that he can solve it by himself and he doesn't need any counselors. I therefore back down since there is no benefit for me to go alone.
Answer: Do not give in, since you are suffering, as is he…and the kids. Children who grow up with tension between their parents never reach a normal state. If you want to suffer, you are mistaken. The outside world is filled with difficulties, but marriage is designed to be a quiet and pleasant haven of refuge. There is also no reason for the children to suffer. You should therefore go to the marriage counselor alone for three reasons: 1. In order to strengthen yourself so that you do not begin to think that you alone are to blame. 2. In order that you react properly during the tension, and to protect yourself and your children. 3. Perhaps the counselor will succeed in getting him to come. Giving in is a wonderful trait, but not here.