Free bus ride

Q: A friend of mine is a bus driver. He won't take money for the fare. Is this stealing?
A: It seems like stealing unless there is a dispensation for drivers to allow their friends to ride free, but I have not heard that such a thing exists. You therefore have to insist that you pay. If he won't take it, punch your own card or rips a hole in that ride. You can also count the free rides and throw your bus pass away when you have that many rides left. It is preferable, however, to tell him that you do not want to ride for free. You can say: "I asked a Rabbi and he said it is forbidden. What can I do? – Rabbis say everything is forbidden."
Q: Do I need to report him?
A: The basic law is that you have to report him based on the law of "Do not stand by idly over your brother's blood," which also applies to saving another from financial damage. But if you report him, it will be the end of him, I therefore recommend talking to him and telling him that it is not proper what he is doing, and a Rabbi told you that you have to report him if he does not stop.