The Nobel Prize

Question: How should we relate to the Nobel Prize of the non-Jews? How should we relate to other prizes given out by non-Jews? Does a movie awarded an Oscar become a good and quality movie?
Answer: The non-Jews do not establish for us what is true and what is not, and they do not decide which movie is proper and which is not. The Torah is what decides which movie is good, clean, kosher and brings blessing. We received the Torah precisely for this reason. But our Sages do tell us (Eichah Rabbah 2:13): "Do not believe the Torah among the non-Jews, but do believe wisdom among the non-Jews." They possess the ability to teach scientific knowledge. See the Maharal at length in Netivot Olam, Netiv Ha-Torah (chap, 14) for the difference between Torah and wisdom. Science describes reality, and the non-Jews are able to understand this realm. The Torah describes what this world should be from an ethical, and we understand this realm. In this area, we need to give approval regarding what is proper and what is not.

Question: A scientist from the Weizman Institute won the Nobel Prize in the area of Bio-Chemistry. What does this say to us? Should we be happy?
Answer: We should certainly be happy. Although many Jews have won the Nobel Prize, we are now not only speaking about Jews but about the State of Israel. This is another indication that the Nation of Israel is returning to the Land of Israel. We are strengthening ourselves in Torah as well as in needed non-holy areas. Hashem has decided to revive our Nation in our Land. We are returning to Zion and building the Land. We established the State and the army. There is therefore also a need for non-holy matters. Non-holy matters are obviously not enough and holy matters are above them, but the non-holy is also important. The non-holy and holy are like the relationship of the body and soul. The body needs the soul and the soul needs the body. The essence is the soul, but there is also a need to strengthen the physical side of the national revival.