Increasing yeshivot in the Old City

Q: Why don't we establish more yeshivot in the Old City of Jerusalem? The more yeshivot and Jews in the Old City, and the more we control it, the less riots by Arabs.
A: There were indeed many yeshivot in the Old City in the Old Settlement of Jerusalem. I heard an explanation: There is a mitzvah of "Shemirat Ha-Mikdash" (Guarding the Temple – in a spiritual sense, not a physical one). When there is no Temple, there is no such mitzvah to perform, but establishing yeshivot around the spot of the Temple is a quasi-fulfillment of the mitzvah. All of the yeshivot in Israel therefore tried to have a branch in the Old City. At the same time, we have to weigh establishing yeshivot in other places. There are places which have a lack of connection to Torah and we do not want to abandon them. We need to fill them with light. We therefore have two important goals. In fact, many times Rabbis from our Yeshiva went with their students and established other yeshivot. The last one was in Yafo and it is bringing much light there. Everything is important: Yeshivot close to the Temple Mount and yeshivot all around the Land of Israel.