Expelling the Children of Foreign Workers in Israel

Question: A storm is raging in Israel regarding the Government's intention to expel approximately 2000 children of foreign workers, most of whom were born in Israel, raised in Israel, whose friends are Israelis and who speak Hebrew. What is the Torah's view of this issue? Is it ethical to expel them?
Answer: This subject is divided into three parts:
1. Is it a good idea to bring foreign workers to Israel?
It is not a good idea. They influence many things in the country through their culture which is inappropriate in the view of Judaism. There is no prohibition of non-Jews living in the Land with the condition that they follow the laws of the State. On the whole, the foreign workers who come here are law-abiding. But we must be cautious. If we open the gates of Eretz Yisrael, we will find millions of non-Jews here tomorrow. Although we have a great desire to help humanity, our primary obligation is to strengthen ourselves here, and then we can bring a blessing to humanity. We therefore should not bring foreign workers here. There are other countries who do not bring in foreign workers since they then settle there. It is impossible to flood the country with non-Jews. It will cause assimilation. Who will do the work? The Jews need to work. Many Jews lack a livelihood, and they need to work.
2. It is permissible to oppress them?
G-d forbid! It is forbidden to maltreat another person. It is forbidden not to pay their wages. It is forbidden to steal from them. We are obligated to uphold the conditions upon which we brought them here. The men are forced to do all sorts of horrible things, and the women all the more so. This is a travesty and it is forbidden to be silent.
3. Is it permissible to expel them?
We must always uphold our commitments. If someone brings a foreign worker here for two or three years, he must follow his agreement and then the worker needs to leave, and all the more so if the worker came here illegally. No one can say that this is illegal. If I enter your house in an illegal fashion and you remove me, it is ethical.
The question regarding the children is the simplest. A child can easily adapt to a new place. Isn't Israel full of the children of new immigrants? And this is certainly true when we are talking about returning them to their native country. We must distinguish between individual morality and communal morality. It is impossible to run a country based on emotions. Everything must be carefully analyzed.