An escort to the Kotel for Our Rabbi

On one Shabbat during the time of the British Mandate, our Rabbi had an intense yearning to meet the Divine Presence which rests in the stones of the Kotel. But what could he do, the English placed a closure on the movement of the Jews. Our Rabbi decided to go anyway. He went to Yafo Street and began to march in the direction of the Old City. From one of the alleyways, an elderly Sefardic Jew, who looked like a Rabbi, came out to greet him. He asked our Rabbi: "Where are you going?" He responded: "To the Kotel Ha-Ma'aravi." The elderly man said to him: "Let's go together." Our Rabbi said to him: "Does his honor know that there is a closure and there will certainly be many English soldiers at the Yafo Gate of the Old City who will not allow us to pass?" The elderly man said: "When we arrive, recite with me the verses from Tehillim that I tell you and everything will be fine." They continued on together, and they saw eight soldiers standing shoulder-to-shoulder, with rifles in their hands ready to shoot. Our Rabbi said to the elderly man: "How are we going to get past the soldiers?" He said: "I told you, recite the verses with me and do not look at the soldiers at all." They recited the verses together and passed through the soldiers, and it was as if the soldiers did not see them. The Arab market was very crowded at that time and all of the Arabs moved to clear the way, saying: "This is a great master." They thus reached the Kotel.
The students asked our Rabbi how he returned and if the man waited for him. He said that the man disappeared, and returning was no problem. They also asked if he ever saw the man again. Our Rabbi said that he saw him a few times when there was a Brit Milah at "Sha'arei Tzedek" (The Hospital which originally had a building on Yafo Street with an event hall). They further asked which verses he recited, and he said that it does not matter since one cannot rely on such things even in a similar situation.
This story was once told to Ha-Rav Rafael Levin, son of Reb Aryeh Levin – the Tzadik of Jerusalem, and he said: "What? You don't know who the elderly man was? It is not clear to you that it was Eliyahu Ha-Navi?"
During the Motza'ei Shabbat classes, our Rabbi in fact spoke about Eliyahu Ha-Navi, who reveals himself throughout the generations, from the earlier generations until now – and he would emphasize – to the most recent of times. (Be-Derech Ha-Torah Ha-Goelet, p. 158-159)