It is really not good to be alone. I agree. "It is not good for man to be alone" (Bereshit 2:18).
We are no longer alone. We married. We are together.
Not exactly. The "together" can separate. This is not necessarily an eternal connection. You must connect – "And he cleaved to his wife" (ibid. 2:24) - with continuous activities: connect through words, connect through smiles, connect through gifts, connect through help, connect through discussion, connect through understanding, connect through listening, connect all the time. Perhaps it would be more pleasant if we were connected in a way that we could not separate? The world was not created this way, rather the responsibility lies upon us to build the connection (Ha-Emek Davar ibid.). The philosopher Plato tells about a couple who comes from their wedding, hugs and out of great love cannot separate, until they die from hunger. This is very moving but not so realistic. We have to exert great effort. We have to work at it. Hard work, but so pleasant.