"Amen" by a Women during Kiddush in the Sukkah

Question: Should a woman hearing Kiddush on Sukkot answer amen to the blessing of "Leshev Ba-Sukkah," since she is not obligated to dwell in Sukkah and the amen may constitute an interruption before the drinking of the wine?
Answer: While she is not obligated in the mitzvah, she can fulfill it. According to Ashkenzim, she recites a blessing over dwelling in the Sukkah if she fulfills it, while according to Sefaradim, she does not. There is therefore only a question according to the Sefaradim. Regardless, there is no problem of an interruprtion, since the blessing being recited is a necessary one for the person reciting it and it is not an "amen in vain."