Tefillin Knot

Q: I am a Ba'al Teshuvah and bought a pair of Tefillin. On the head Tefillin, it had the Ashkenazic knot since these are my family roots. I was at a Chabad house to learn how to put on the Tefillin and they changed the knot to the Chabad knot. Which tradition should I
A: One obviously fulfills his obligation with any of the traditions of knots but it is preferable for one to follow the custom of his ancestors. If your forefathers were not Chabad, follow the tradition of your forefathers. If they are Ashkenazic, it should be an Ashkenazic knot. If they were Chasidic-Ashkenazic, it should be a Chasidic knot. If you are not certain, follow the regular Ashkenazic tradition since this was the original custom.