Shir Ha-Ma'alot #24

"For the Messianic Age and for the life of the World-to-Come"

The Rambam explained that these two realities are completely separate. The World-to-Come is a spiritual world full of miracles which does not contain the body, only the soul. In contrast, the Messianic Age is in this world, but with the return of the Kingship of David to its former sovereignty: The Messianic Age is in this world and the world will continue according to its pattern, but the Kingship will return to Israel. And our early Sages already said: "The sole difference between this world and the Days of the Messiah is the servitude to the nations" (Rambam, Hilchot Teshuvah - Laws of Repentance 9:2 and see Hilchot Melachim - Laws of Kings 11:1, 12:1).