Our Rabbi & Sukkot

Our Rabbi, Ha-Rav Tzvi Yehudah Ha-Cohain Kook
Our Rabbi would remind his students of the importance of sleeping in the sukkah. When he was in Switzerland in the cold and snow, he would not forgo even one night of sleeping in the sukkah.

A student related: "On Sukkot, great Rabbis sat in our Rabbi’s sukkah, and I brought my younger girls to visit so that he would know who they were. Suddenly my youngest daughter said out loud: ‘What an ugly sukkah, it is not kosher at all!’ Everyone stared, and I was embarrassed. Our Rabbi asked: ‘Who said that?’ I wanted to hide my daughter, but she answered: ‘I did!’ ‘Come here," the Rav said, ‘What do you have to say about the sukkah?’ ‘This is a sukkah? It is just boards!’ ‘What do you want?’ ‘Shach, greenery, trees, leaves. This is not kosher at all!’ Our Rabbi said: ‘Perfect innocence.’ This is what he said about her."

It happened one time that some people brought our Rabbi a schach mat (when they first became available): he examined it to see if it was kosher, and he was satisfied. Another time, some people brought him schach; he spent a long time investigating to be certain that it was taken from a permissible area and there was no fear of it being stolen. He requested that they check with the municipality that it was permissible to take them.

When he needed to leave the sukkah (in the year 5740), when it was raining hard, he said: "It seems that there is a greater need for rain than our mitzvot" (this was after a few years on drought, and afterwards this year was a year of blessing). (Gadol Shimusha P. 102)
One year our Rabbi pointed out with joy, that the etrog came to him from Kefar Ha-Roeh (Gadol Shimusha pg. 94).

When he would take the etrog he would kiss it (ibid.).