The War of Every Mother to Stay Happy

[Translated from Rav Aviner's "Happy Women" by Chana Jenny Weisberg, creator of the "Jewish Mom Video Series" available at JewishMom.com]

G-d will help you, but in order for that to happen, you must, first of all, help yourself.
“How can I help myself?” you ask.
In every way possible. This is an all-out war, a war on all fronts, and like in the army, you must use all available weapons.

So too, in order to be happy, you must use all kosher means, and all the kosher tricks at your disposal. These tricks don’t get to the root of the problem, they will however solve it for the time being:
- Listen to music
- Read good books
- Listen to interesting classes
- Take trips and go to fun events
- Eat delicious (low-calorie) cakes
- Drink cans of juice
- Talk with your girlfriends until 3 AM (even though you still haven’t cooked anything for Shabbat)
It doesn’t matter! Your husband prefers a happy wife and a meal of sandwiches over a royal meal served by an angry and mournful wife. Food is not such an important thing. Anyway it disappears and it’s as though it never existed.
It’s much more important that you make yourself happy.

These tricks don’t solve the problems at their root and they don’t remove the difficulties and the crises…but these tricks can cause us to forget our problems, at least temporarily, so that it is possible to take care of the them. Just like the car mechanics say: “You can’t fix the engine while it’s under pressure.” First of all, we need to remove our negativity.

To make ourselves happy is a matter of life and death, literally, because happiness can add years to your life.