Toy Animals & Dolls

Question: Is it permissible to have children's toy which are miniature models of various animals in one's home (whales, lions...)?
Answer: Based on "Do not make me" (Shemot 20:19), there is a problem to make and possess the image of an eagle, lion and ox (the vision of Yechezkel). Further, it is a problem to have images even if not used for Avodah Zarah (idol worship). In the case of a toy animal, however, it is "derech zilzul" (shaming them) and authorities therefore allow them.
Q: Is it permissible to have a doll which is a very good model of ahuman being?
A: The same applies for doll. Since a doll is thrown, gets dirty, etc., it is considered "derech zilzul" and thus permissible. Although some are strict to remove part of the doll so that it is not a complete figure.