The Time has come for Brotherhood

[From "Be-Ahavah U-Be-Emuna" – Re'eh 5769 – translated by R. Blumberg]

The time has come for brotherhood,
Between myself and…
My father and mother.
My parents-in-law.
My brothers and sisters.
And between me and myself.

Between religious and irreligious
Ashkenazi and Sephardi
Right wing and Left
Yeshiva-oriented and academic
Employer and employee
Commander and solder
High-brow and laborer,
Chassid and Non-Chassid,
Chareidi and Zionist.

Brotherhood between me and those I love
Me and those I do not
Me and those who love me
Me and those who do not.
Between those far removed
Those intimately close
And those in between.

Brotherhood between Nationalism and Universalism
Peace and war
Mathematics and poetry
Law and legend
Intellectual study and phys-ed
Body and soul
Intellect and nation
Spirituality and the mundane
Between different peoples
Between different nations
Between all mankind
Between man and other creatures
Between everything

It is long since time.
It was time already when Cain killed Abel.
When the First and Second Temples were destroyed
When rightist called leftist “traitor”.
When leftist called rightist “traitor”.
When one group rejected another.
The time arrived.
Long ago.

All the same I say:
Now is the time!
Don’t tell an Ethiopian Jew:
“You’re not Jewish!”
Just because he’s “too dark”.
And don’t tell a Russian Jew:
“You are not Jewish!”
Just because he’s “too white”.

Now is the time!
We returned to our land for this.
Because the time for brotherhood has come.
It’s so sweet!
So wonderful!
Be well
My brother.