Ritually washing hands in bathroom

Q: Is it permissible to wash "netilat yada'im" in the bathroom?
A: It is generally forbidden to wash "netilat yada'im" in a bathroom, and, on the contrary, if you just enter a bathroom you have to wash "netilat yada'im." This is what is written in the Gemara, but more recent authorities explain that our bathrooms are clean. This is similar to what the Gemara calls the "bathrooms of the Parsa'im" which was a hole and an incline which took the refuse outside of the bathroom. Our bathrooms are slightly different. The refuse is not immediate taken away, but it is completed cleaned. There are those who therefore explain that if someone enters the bathroom, they do not need to wash "netilat yada'im" when they leave. This applies even more so if there is a bathtub, washing machine, etc. It is not simply a bathroom, but a multi-functional room. The blessing must be recited outside and it is certainly preferable to wash "netilat yada'im" if there is someplace else.