Our Rabbi & Following the words of our Sages

Our Rabbi, Ha-Rav Tzvi Yehudah Ha-Cohain Kook

Our Rabbi once joined a wedding for a short time, arriving while the bride and groom were in the "cheder yichud" (room of privacy where they go immediately after the ceremony). He refrained from partaking of the meal, quoting the Gemara (Berachot 6b): "Whosoever partakes of the wedding meal of a bridegroom and does not bring him joy him violates 'the five voices' mentioned in the verse: 'The voice of joy,' etc. (Yirmiyahu 33:2)."

Whenever our Rabbi reached home, before entering, he would knock, even though he knew that nobody was inside. This practice was in keeping with the words of our Sages in Derech Eretz Rabbah: "A person must not enter his home suddenly."

When they called him up to the Torah, he reacted with alacrity, without delay, in keeping with what is written by Pri Megadim regarding the reason for taking the shortest route possible when going up to the Torah: "To demonstrate one's love for [the Torah] and one's desire to read from it."